• Many start-up technology companies do not factor in the importance of insurance, especially cyber insurance. Start-ups are a major target for hackers, making it imperative that the right protection and a plan is in place to save businesses from collapsing.
  • New and emerging technologies including quantum computing, artificial intelligence and blockchain present significant opportunities for people, businesses and the broader economy.
  • The Australian Government wants to leverage the countries highly educated and digitally literate workforce and build capability in a broad range of technologies including AI, robotics and the Internet of Things in order to expand Australia’s technology industries.

Are you covered?

  • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

    Company directors and officers are under immense pressure to carry out their duties to meet stakeholder expectations. Failure to do so may lead to exposure of personal financial liability.  

  • Computer Crime Insurance

    Providing cover for online digital theft of financial assets or data. 

  • Technology Property

    Covering impairment of computer systems including breakdown. Cover can also extend to protect loss of profits following an interruption.

  • IT Liability

    A combined General Liability and Professional Indemnity package policy, providing protection against a company’s legal liability following a failure of their technology related service or product.

  • Cyber Insurance

    Cover against cyber breaches, including. security and privacy liability, network interruption and recovery, network extortion, privacy regulatory defence and intellectual property liability.

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Industry Lead - Technology

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